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Doctoral graduation

CERTES welcomes PhD students as part of the Doctoral School Science, Engineering and Environment (SIE) of Paris-East University.

Academic education management

CERTES members participate in the management of several certifications.

SGE-AIR Master

The “Sciences and Environmental Engineering” (SGE) diploma is one of the specialities of the “Risks and environment” (RE) Master. This diploma offers students interdisciplinary scientific training around major environmental challenges (chemistry, physics, biology, geochemistry, earth sciences, etc.).

This diploma is co-delivered by the University of Paris-Diderot and the University of Paris Est Créteil (UPEC). The teachings are taught jointly on the two universities.

The objective of the AIR speciality is to train engineers and researchers in the outdoor environment, but also in the areas of indoor air quality and aerocontamination in ventilation systems and office rooms. Students trained in the M2 AIR are specialists in atmospheric issues in terms of metrology and monitoring of air pollution.

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Professional Licence on Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency of Sustainable Buildings

The aim of this licence is to train professionals specialists in buildings and renewable energy sectors, with strong technical skills in metrology, diagnostics and energy efficiency. The training is open in FA and FC. Teachings take place in the Créteil-Vitry Institute of Technology site in Créteil.

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Professional License Advanced Techniques in Maintenance

This license allows the training of future maintenance service managers who can use diagnostic support tools, manage a maintenance team and apply quality and environmental standards. The teachings take place on the site of Lieusaint of the Senart-Fontainebleau Institute of Technology. The training is open in FI, FA and FC.

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INFRARED THERMOGRAPHY TRAINING – Use of thermal imaging cameras

This 3-day training is proposed to professionals wishing to learn or improve the use of thermal cameras for the diagnosis of buildings (thermal insulation, air leakages, moisture detection, check of the operation of energy systems …). The training is carried out in collaboration between CERTES, the Créteil-Vitry Institute of Technology and THEMACS Engineering company. Training sessions take place in the Créteil-Vitry Institute of Technology site in Créteil.

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Licence and Master Degrees

Professors and associated professors of the CERTES belong to different departments of the Paris-Est Créteil University. They are involved in various certifications.

Créteil-Vitry Institute of Technology

  • DUT Chemistry
  • DUT Biological Engineering
  • DUT Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing
  • DUT Metrology
  • Professional License in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency of Sustainable Buildings
  • Professional License in Metrology and Quality
  • Professional License in Home automation, Autonomy and Communicating Buildings

Senart-Fontainebleau Institute of Technology

  • DUT Industrial Engineering and Maintenance
  • Professional Licence of Advanced Techniques in Maintenance

Science and Technology Faculty

  • Physics Licence
  • Master of Science and Environmental Engineering
  • Master Maintenance and Control of Industrial Risks

Paris East Graduate School of Engineering (ESIPE)