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Description, objectives

The platform is a two-level residential building with a cellular concrete structure, built in the 1960s and insulated from the outside in July 2011. During this operation, a set of temperature sensors was installed inside the walls.. The instrumentation was completed by a weather station of the roof of the building and by themperature sensors placed inside the building. The instrumentation delivers data continuously with a 15-second time. Spot observations (from a few hours to a month) by thermal imaging camera complete these observations. The building is inhabited. The platform is located in Villemomble (93). It is used jointly by the researchers of the OPTIMISTHE theme of CERTES and THEMACS Engineering company.

The aim is to have useful experimental data for:

  • the development of in-situ control methods for building insulation and long-term monitoring of its evolution;
  • testing methods of correcting thermal images of building facades;
  • testing heat transfer models, and calculating energy balances on a building.

The PANISSE platform is labelled“Observation Service”of the OSU Efluve.

Sensors set and associated instrumentation: weather station (P, T, HR, wind speed and direction, rainfall, solar irradiation on roof and facade surfaces), temperature sensors (indoor, outdoor, exterior walls surfaces and at the interface between structure wall and insulating materaial, HFMs), thermal imaging cameras, albedometer.


  • Data recording since January 2013
  • Several infrared thermography observation campaigns
  • Implementation of ongoing data analysis software (measurements by probes and camera)


  • Installing a “permanent” thermal imaging camera for one year and/or a network of mini thermal cameras inside and outside the building
  • Add indoor sensors (wireless instrumentation)
  • Testing new portable devices developed in the laboratory and providing local data on the surface of a building wall; patent filling if necessary
  • Exposure of insulation materials to weather conditions (on the rooftop)